Four beats to freedom - a horseback journey through New Zealand



Ideas for teachers who would like to follow the expedition:

Classwork – literacy, numeracy skills can come out of following the ride.

PSME – consider the nature of challenges we encounter in our daily lives

Consideration of nature of disabilities, what challenges these present, how we learn to handle them.

Maps  - Identify New Zealand on world map, Worksheet using New Zealand Map.  Large scale OS map of one part of High Country ride – evidence of glaciation

Horses and equipment – list items you think I need to have with me, compare with actual equipment list.  Identify which are essential, which are relative luxuries.

Weighing and measuring –when loading a pack horse it is essential to have equal weight on both sides – this needs to be accurately measured with a spring balance each morning.

‘A Pack horse’s dilemma’.  The Pack Pony’s problem’; Maths sheets involving packing the pack horse – how can you make the equipment add up to two equal packages. 

Brooke Hospital sheet – cycle of poverty, effect of improving the welfare of the draught animal:  worksheet – Mohammed and his horse

Consideration of issues raised by the Brooke Hospital – what happens when people are very poor? –.  Visit the Brooke children’s page for more ideas.

Do their own sponsored activity

Sponsor sheets and role-play activities to enable children or riders to collect sponsorship

Literacy hour activities  KS2  -  see text file, Tschiffley, or making use of diary entries from web site.

Extension ideas – materials can be accessed via the website to approach

?Art activity using Maori art ideas as  a starting point

? Captain Cook and the ‘discovery’ of NZ

? The Waitangi agreement

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