Four beats to freedom - a horseback journey through New Zealand

Mohammed and his horse

Mohammed lives in Egypt. He earns his living by carrying things for people with his horse and cart. He only earns about £1 a day so he has very little money even for food, and he can't afford to pay for his children to go to school. This is the story of what might happen if his horse is sick...

A) before the Brooke Hospital sets up a clinic  -    and  -    B) after the clinic is opened near to him


Mohammed had no money to pay for a vet so

Mohammed  went and asked the vet at the Brooke hospital if he could help

Mohammed could not carry so many loads in his cart each day
The horse got better.  Because he was getting more water he also became stronger

Mohammedís  children could not go to school. The new horse became sick too...

Mohammed and the horse were both happier and healthier


a) The vet treated the horse for free and told  Mohammed to give it more water each day.                       

b) The horse became sicker and weaker.

c) Because it was healthier his horse could work more quickly and he earned more money each day.

Mohammed earned less money.  He could not feed the horse.

e) He had a little money to spend on school fees for his child .

f) The horse died .  Mohammed had to borrow money to replace him.

g) He could spend a little more on feed for his horse.

h) Mohammed had less money for food for his children.


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