Four beats to freedom - a horseback journey through New Zealand

What are we aiming for?

The goal is to raise the £24000 needed to maintain horses needed by students over a two year period at the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy, and to raise at least £8000 for the Brooke Hospital which would be sufficient to buy a complete new mobile Veterinary unit in Northern India. 

Very many thanks to the following people and organisations who have become sponsors for Fourbeats to Freedom.  We really appreciate your support which  will be fundamental in helping the expedition to achieve its goals.

U.K. Sponsors          N.Z.  Sponsors

"It's the horse that makes the difference”.


Mr.& Mrs. D. Boucher

Miss.H. Mason 

Mrs.C.J. Page

Mark Bressington

A much loved old friend

Mrs. P. Bowen



Ride Worldwide   

Mary and Derek Bright

Charmain Ling

Audrey Williams

Rachel Dickson

Serena Pincus

Mrs.J. Gay

Lady Howard de Walden

Chris Jelley

Mr.& Mrs. A. Bardsley

Mr.& Mrs. D. Ward

Leslie Fawcett

Alastair Pagnamenta

Jennie Parry-James

Michael Poland

Ann Cutliffe

Mr.& Mrs. J. Harris

Mr. C. Gard

Lynne and Mike Connor

Feedmark UK 

Robinson’s Animal Healthcare 

Whiteside and Knowles 


Derrill Allatt

Mary Digby

Joey Pearson 

Mrs. P. Lipscomb

J. A.  Allen

Anne Brookes

English International School, Prague

John Eaton

Victoria Provis

Miss. M. P. Smith

Mr.& Mrs. S. Dinsdale

Miss F. M. Jones

Miss J. M. Jackson

Mrs. J. Orange


Brenda Wood

Mrs. E. McIntyre

Miss A. S. Riddiough

Miss J. E. Foster

Mrs. J. Westby

Mr. & Mrs. G. Rose

Jo Parry-James

David and Margaret Banister

Mr. & Mrs. D. Smith

Dr. & Mrs. Q. Robinson

Miss A. Garrood

Mrs. M. Fairweather

Angela Morgan

Mr. & Mrs. J. Charnaud

Sue and Mike Parroy

Mrs. P. Gross

Mr. & Mrs. R. Sellman

Mrs. E. M. Cox

Mr. & Mrs. G. Laxton

Miss. K. Thomson

Lady Horsfall

Tim Culham


George and Kathy Smid

Philip Green (Adam & Co)

Hull Grammar School  

Mr. & Mrs. G. Steventon

Mr. & Mrs. R. Saunders

Mr. & Mrs. T.  Barker

Miss J. Kemp

Fiona Fell

Mrs. A. Sykes

Ms. Di Durbin

Richard Rawsthorn

Vanessa Roberts

Mrs. P. Magill

Mr. &  Mrs. J. Hardy

Michael Parkinson

Skipton Building Society  

Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Tempest

Anthony Chalmley

Jane and Howard Pighills

Blackburn & District Branch of the Pony Club

Dr. F. B. Briggs

John Briggs

B. A. Bullock

Peter and Jennifer Dixon Clegg

S.J.T. & S.H. Colbeck

A. M. Crocker

R.J.G. & S.R. Dalls

Juliet Dibben

Sheila and Michael Fenwick

J. R. Fitzherbert

F. M. Gilroy

Mr. & Mrs. Gledhill

Mrs. K. P. Grainger

Dawn Greenwood

D. A. Inskip

Mrs. A. H. Inskip

J. A. E.J enkin

Mrs. C. M. Jerram

Mrs. K. Millar

B.P. & E.P. McGuinness

Diana Mills

R. S. Moffat

Richard and Jane Mosely

Angela Myerscough

Mrs. Y. Nelson

P. A. H. Preston

D. M. Price

Miss J.M. Rankin

A. E. Scale

M. G. Smith

Miss J.S. Stanning

Mrs. B. Telling

A. V. Tucker

Mr. & Mrs. Weaver

Mrs. S. Wilson

Mr. & Mrs. Witchell


Ms. A.M. Yates

Nord Anglia Eduction plc

Lucy Parish

APV Films  

A. McMichael

Mr. & Mrs. J. Mould

Caroline Haynes

Christa Segur-Cabanac

Mrs. V. Calvert

Mrs. J. Tankard

Mrs. S. Rigby

Mr. & Mrs. G. Richards

Miss D. M. Porter-Hargreaves

Mrs. Z. Powell

Mrs. L. A. Nesbit

Shirley and Harry Hindle

Mrs. M. Romney

Academy Supply Agency  

The Coulthurst Trust

Walter Chapman

Julia Gibbs

Mrs. D. M. Holland-Martin

Walker Farrimond 

Michael Briggs

S. F. Dale

Carolyn Sturdy

Mr. & Mrs.J. Hill

Kathy Cameron

Mr. & Mrs. N.L. Binns

Mr. & Mrs. S. Freegard

Mr. & Mrs. D. Wade

Bridget Tayan

E. Gibson

Sarah and Philip Doyne

Dr. M. Isherwood & Ian Hartley

Mrs. Allen

Miss.K. S. Wheelock

Rachel Pagnamenta

Kate Stanley

Dr. S. Fairweather

Mr. & Mrs. C. Blackburn

Emma Russell

Mr. P. Metcalfe

Jean Harrison

Jean Myers

Amanda Bright


Mr. & Mrs. K. Jackson

Ponden Mill Ltd.

Mr. & Mrs. Cadman

Mrs. B. Clegg

Mr. & Mrs. P. Pagnamenta

Mr. & Mrs. Taylor

Mr. & Mrs. A. Parry-James

Mr. A. J. Stone

Mr. & Mrs. G. Currie

Mrs. F. Wollocombe

Mrs. P. M. Fitzroy

Mr. & Mrs. G. Stafford

Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Graham

Mrs. J.  P.  Rycroft

The Fermain Trust

Mrs. N. A. Staveley

The Worshipful Company of Loriners

Mr.& Mrs. O. Smith

Mrs. G. Copp

Leeds United F.C.plc

Eydon Kettle Company

Crossgate Farm Homeopathic Products

Robert Hale Ltd

Miss L. A. Cosnett

Mrs. L. Purchase

Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Clarkson

Mr. & Mrs. E. Duggan

Mrs. S. Emmott

Mr. David Coates

Mrs. Adrian Stow

Mrs. P. O. Taylor

Dr. J. E. Parry-James

Barbara Egerer

J. Wykham-Musgrave


New Zealand Sponsors

Thanks again to all the following who have given help and support :

Hurunui Horse Treks
Margaret Journeaux
Lex and Christine Glover
Jock and Elizabeth Tocher
NRM feedstuffs
Waikato Polytechnic
The Saddlery Barn, Templeton
Maneline, Christchurch, 
Mike Burtscher
The Proutings
Tony and Nicky Tripp
Steve and Effie Deans
Alastair and Jennie Nichol
John Chapman
Pam Holmes

John Murchison
Mike and Lois Bradley
Flock Hill Lodge
Interisland Horse Transport 

Gladys and Jack MacKenzie
Harry and Prue Brensall
The Lees at Judge Creek
High Country
Ace Car Rentals
Roxburgh Racecourse
The camping shop in Alex
Mr and Mrs Cavanagh
Kate and David Menzies
Simon Croft
Kate and Bill Sutherland
Lester and Robyn Baikie
Duncan and Carol McKenzie

Penny and Nigel Dickson
Ann and Jim Murray
Johnnie Westenra
Helen and Peter Heddel
Ed Shand
Rod Milne
Jimmy and Audrey Stevenson
Philip Graham
Bill and Robyn lacey
Geoff Pratchet
Sheena Adams
Barbara Bilskie and Tony Beuzekom
Margaret and Eugene Lowe
Alastair and Ros Bruce
Helen Dew
Sarah Dittner
Busby Ramshaw Grice
Spencer PR

And to RDA groups throughout who have given me help and grazing.


The Long Riders' Guild

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