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That's me, at the top of the page. Good looking or what? A little girl at the Unicorn school in Kew suggested that Mary needed to take her teddy with her. So I'm going along for the ride! I'm actually a Fortune Centre Bear, and I'm planning on becoming the first Teddy Bear to ride from one end to the other of New Zealand.



The only problem is, I'm just learning to ride. Can you ride? I expect you're better than I am. I find it difficult to reach the stirrups, and I can NOT get those up-downs, so I'm going to have a special arrangement on the packhorse's saddle.

I'll have a GREAT view!

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Mary's Mum had a special arrangement when she rode. She had a wooden leg so when she rode she had to wear a special riding leg Mary says she looked a bit like a pirate which fitted into a sort of leather bucket instead of a stirrup. She went hunting and everything. Some of the children who ride with us from RDA will have special arrangements of their own I expect. So I think special arrangements are a bit cool.

If you'd like a picture to colour in - showing Mary and me on our ride - Click HERE

I've been at the Fortune Centre watching the students recently, so I can tell you they are jolly nice people. Each day they ride and they look after their horses, but they also have classroom lessons in things like reading and writing and all sorts of other useful things like cooking and looking after their money. They tell me that they find the work easier than they did when they were at school, because its all about horses. 
They are all interested in horses, but they found school a bit boring and difficult.   But they're jolly good at vaulting.  First they practice on a pretend horse - then they get to do it on a real live one!


  My brother Ted is very good at tumbling!  But he's not so good at getting dressed in the morning!  Mum has terrible trouble getting him dressed and ready for school!

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