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Latest jaunts!  March 3
WE WENT IN THE SEA! I’ve never seen the sea before – not this close anyway

I felt a bit sick actually… I thought beaches were all golden but the sand here is almost black. That’s because it’s volcanic apparently and it has lots of iron in it. Funny to think of iron beaches isn’t it!  We are right by a big old volcano here – it's called Mount Egmont or Taranaki. It's very beautiful - there's a picture of it on the page called the journey. There are lots of black and white cows all round – the dairy factory in Hawera is the biggest in the world.   I’m a bit frightened of cows – they’re a bit big and mooey. I like sheep better.
I like people too. Here's a picture of some of the school children we met in Pahiatua.

And - I’ve got a travelling companion! He was given to me by the mayor of Hawera, ever such a nice lady called Mary Burke. He has rather longer legs than me, and a lot of local knowledge. (He IS a bit pale though - needs to get into the open air a bit more.) When we get to know each other a bit better I might invite him to write on this page, but for now he has to learn to hold on tight…

He was a bit worried here that Borrie was trying to eat him!  So he'd better remember who's Number ONE bear on this trip. Or I'll tell Borrie he's filled with OATS.  Or maybe I'll just send him BACK to South Taranaki!

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That's all for now. Come back and visit me again. We might have some games and puzzles for you to do.  And remember, if you want to ask me anything, CLICK HERE.


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