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Latest jaunts!  February 18

Some of the riders I meet are just SO COOL. Like me they find it a bit difficult to get on the horses, so some of them use a special mounting ramp. This is our friend Graham getting on at Silverstream.



We rode beside the river – it was really pretty. And flat, so it was quite easy. I can let go on the flat. Almost…

Not like when we went up by the windmills. The blades are really big, and they turn really fast. They make lots of electricity for people to use in their houses. It's called a ‘RENEWABLE RESOURCE’. I don’t know who renews it, but the wind doesn’t stop blowing, so the blades keep turning. It doesn’t smell, it doesn’t make a mess. I like wind power.  It doesn’t look big in the photo, but it’s a long way up!


Guess what! I watched Tony MAKING HORSESHOES. He put the strip of steel in a big fire and then, when it was really hot, he bent it to the shape of the big boys feet. He was jolly clever. Mary says that not many farriers make their own shoes now. It’s a pity, cos’ the boys say that these shoes are really comfy. 

And – at last I had a really good night’s sleep. Not in my bearbag, but curled up all snugly with my friend Leighton. I gave him an extra special bear hug before we left – I’d have liked to have stayed with him longer….

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