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Latest jaunts!  January 24
Weíve stayed in some pretty funny places, I can tell you. Look at this picture of me at fowlers hut Ė not even any glass in the window.

We saw LOTSA bees - they make honey from all the wild flowers and from the MANUKA bush. You can see some beehives in this picture, and the white blossom is manuka. Its yummy honey. They also like the blue borage and I got a bit cross with the boys because they wanted to eat it all. I kicked and kicked but Borrie would not stop eating.
After the mountains it was funny to come into the area called Marlborough where they grow grapes. The vineyards are very straight and organised and very green.  They make very good wine apparently, but I donít like wine, it gives me hiccups.

We came over from the south Island to the North Island on a big ferry. The boys had to stay in the big Waggon so they didnít see the view, but I thought it was exciting.
It only took about 2 Ĺ hours because we went on the Lynx which is a hovercraft. It could go even faster, but then it makes big waves and they cause a lot of problems by eroding the coast and the seabed.. Why would anyone want to go fast anyway? Itís such a pretty journey.

January 4, 2002 
Gee that mustering was fun! Those sheep live right up on the tops of really steep hills and they have to be made to come down to the flatter paddocks sometimes, so that they can be shorn or given medecine for example. The men walk right up to the top with their dogs and then they walk down driving the sheep out from where they are hiding in the thron bushes. The make lots of noise and the dogs bark a lot so the sheep get moving.
We've been through some lovely country. Here I am on Boris. (You'll have to peer a bit - I'm a tiny bear and he's a BIG horse!)

We helped with the tailing at Castle Hill . I didn't like that much. The lambs tails are cut off so they don't get mucky. If they get mucky the flies lay their eggs in the muck . The eggs hatch into little maggots and the maggots eat the sheep. I wouldn't like to be flystruck - but I wouldn't like to have my tail chopped off either. Luckily I don't have a tail so I am alright!

I crossed the Waimakariri River! There should be a picture but something went wrong!  I tried hard not to look down, cos if you look at the water it makes you dizzy. If I got dizzy I might fall off. It wasn't very deep just here, cos Mary doesn't like getting the camera out when the water is deep.  I hope they find my picture!


We need lots of eating stops. Sometimes I help hold the big boys instead of tieing them up. I like to do it where there is a good view. 

We are very careful not to leave any rubbish behind when we stop. If you leave a polythene bag a cow might eat it and it would make the cow sick. And we always shut the gates exactly as we find them. Can you think what would happen if we left a gate open?

The animals would stray into the wrong field or paddock. They might eat grass that is meant to be made into hay, or they might go on the road and get hurt. The farmer would have a lot of work to do to put everything back where it is meant to be. The farmers are very kind in letting us go on their land so we must be careful to look after it. This is being responsible. If everyone behaved responsibly and had good manners it would be a much nicer world to live . I try very hard to be responsible - hope you do too!!

That's all for now. Come back and visit me again. We might have some games and puzzles for you to do.  And remember, if you want to ask me anything, CLICK HERE.


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