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8th December
Have you ever looked at the stars at night? They are really bright here, and on top of the hill in this picture there is a big observatory where there are big telescopes and things to look at them more closely. It's by Lake Tekapo - here's a picture of what I could see looking out over the lake later. 


Then -SHE LEFT ME BEHIND! I just got off for a little relief at lunchtime, and I got forgot. So I missed all that exciting stuff on the top and in the river. ITS NOT FAIR! Actually I'm not so sorry 'cos I fill up with water and I sink, and it's silly to go in water if you can't swim. I did go in a shearing shed when I caught up with them though ( had an interesting journey with a nice courier man) - here are some pictures of the sheep being shorn. 


I hid in case they decided to have a go at me.

Then we went to the school at Windwhistle. 19 lovely children. I took the Geography lesson.

20 November

It was like crossing lots of little rivers, all milky blue - the water comes from a big glacier and you can't see through it. We could see Mount Cook up to our left - it is really beautiful, it's the biggest mountain in New Zealand and it's got snow on it all the time.

THEN - the wind blew - thought Id get blown off.  When the wind comes from the 
North West in the mountains here, it is REALLY strong. Now Foggy has sore feet, poor chap, so we are giving him a break - Mary doesn't want him to get a stone bruise.

14th November

I watched the horses being shod! I expect you know that their shoes are nailed to their feet, but I didn’t. (I wouldn’t like to have shoes nailed to my feet – the stuffing might come out.)

(No wonder Borrie's been a bit grumpy!)

The blacksmith made the shoes really hot in the fire, and then he hit them with a hammer to make them the same shape as the feet. Except the big boys tell me he didn’t do that good a job and they feel a bit as though they are going barefoot. Ouch! That ground looks jolly stony. They tell me that normally they have to have new shoes every 5 or 6 weeks, because their feet grow all the time, but these shoes wore out more quickly because they walked on the road a lot.

WE MET A BULL! He was big and black and he looked jolly fierce. I hid. He was an Aberdeen Angus bull and all the cows were brown and white Herefords. They are beef cattle – not like the black and white dairy cows we saw in Southland. These are much wilder and less friendly, and they are really hardy living on the steep mountain paddocks.

(Did you know that in England a paddock is a tiny little field, but here in New Zealand it means a field and it can be really really big? I mean hundreds of acres big – as big as an English farm. )

This is the  first view we had of the alps -  as we came off the Omaran Saddle .  (That's not the same as the saddle that Foggy wears. )  Mount Cook is in there somewhere.


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