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 21 October


Boris is fussing about bears in the street , and Foggy worrying about Polar bears… . Can’t think why - I was there on top of him and I’d have FOUGHT THEM OFF. I have such a good seat and I feel really safe. 

We started from Bluff, at the end of the peninsular. Did you know that a peninsular is like a finger of land stretching into the sea? I know it now - as we came back along the road we had sea on both sides.

I went into Newfields school with Mary on Friday and met Chloe who rides with RDA and some other children . They were really nice – I sang my song to them.

Can we come to your school? You can email Mary to ask her to bring me in.  Its very flat round Invercargill, with lots of dairy cows in the fields.


More soon - I hope.  Mary's having trouble getting her com-puter to talk to her phone - don't really understand it all myself ...

6 November

Y’know I said I felt safe ? Well I did NOT feel safe when Boris bombed off the other day. I hung on with my EYELASHES. Have you ever been on a runaway pack horse? Bet you haven’t! I was SCARED.

I felt great afterwards though – cos I didn’t fall off. That’s what challenges are all about isn’t it – feeling good afterwards.

This is what Boris looked like when the fireworks were going off!  I thought he was going to jump out!

We saw lots of cows in Southland cos there’s lots of rain and lots of grass. That way they produce lots of milk. Then we saw lots of sheep. Here it’s a bit hot and dry - like a desert in the middle of the mountains, but they grow apple trees and cherry trees at Roxburgh, using irrigation water. Sounds good to me.

We’ve also seen lots of BEEHIVES!

Here in Otago they used to mine gold, 100 years ago. They must have been tough those miners – they lived in very cold windy places. Apparently there isn’t any gold left now. Did you know gold can be found in rivers sometimes? They call it alluvial gold. 

We had some great riders riding with us in Gore and Alexandra. I liked a chap called Jamie and his sister, Rebecca. They’d been in a fire in their house. They must be very brave . They got me to sing my song. ‘Ive got the bear necessities…

9 November

Hi, I've just met some lovely children at Omakau school. It was very hot the last two days - I was glad i didn't have any trousers on. We visited a brand new shearing shed which was being built at moutere station. The old one was about 150 year old and had cob walls. (That means they were made of a sort of muddy stuff!)  Must rush - talk soon.


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