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She’s found me a horse!   He’s called Boris (‘Bory’) and he’s grey and he’s a bit smaller than Foggarty (Foggy) and he’s quite woolly and he likes carrots.  I haven’t met him yet but he sounds nice.   He’s a Connemara  and he and Foggy have the same Father.  So they are brothers!  I would have liked my brother to come too but he’s a bit little….


Did you know that Connemaras came from Ireland?   They used to use them to carry the peat in to burn on the fires.   So they are very strong.  

This is Boris


I'm not in this one - I wasn't feeling my best after the river crossing so I had a nap!

15 October

We went in the mountains! It was jolly beautiful. The slopes are very steep and I was a bit afraid of falling off so I rode in the saddle bags on this occasion, but I crept out whenever I could to look at the view. There are LOTS of sheep in the paddocks and some of them have lambs. Some of them are merino sheep which produce extra good wool. They look a bit wrinkly. We spent two nights in a woolshed where they had just finished shearing . They pack the wool in great big sacks called fadges, and make it into big bales

We crossed the Hurunui river a few times. I was worried because there were great big rocks in the river and I thought the horses would trip. They didn’t but Foggy splashed a lot. You have to be careful not to look down or the water swirling round the horse makes you feel giddy. I shut my eyes and let the others steer!

Mary had the horses’ teeth checked. Did you know that they wear their teeth down when they eat and they can get sharp edges which can make them uncomfortable? The vet put a big metal gag on them and reached into their mouths with a long rasp . It set my teeth on edge just watching but it didn’t seem to worry the big boys. Boris says he’s much more comfy now so it must be a good thing. Glad they don’t do it to bears tho (do they?).

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