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I've been in New Zealand for three weeks now, and I LIKE IT . First we went to Auckland which is bigger than anywhere I've ever been before. The land is a bit narrow there (I think its called an isthmus but saying that makes me want to sneeze) and I wanted to go and see the sea but Mary seemed terribly busy so I had to make do with the inside of the suitcase. 

I couldn't get out much because Debbie, who we stayed with, has a black dog called Breeze who wanted to play with me. I don't like those sort of games - I get a bit wet and slimy. I did meet a nice man from the newspaper, who took lots of pictures of me, and also a nice lady called Joan Gilchrist, who is a Very Important Person in a magazine called 'Horse and Pony'. She invited me to feature on a page called 'Pony pals'. Of course I accepted so make sure you buy the October issue !
It rained a lot in Auckland but then we flew down to Christchurch where the fields are really dry. Everyone wants it to rain because there are lots of cows and sheep who need the grass to eat. Last summer (which is the same time as winter in England) they had a drought and it hasn't rained much since. Isn't it odd that in some places in the world they have too much rain and in others not enough. If I'd planned the world it would have been much better organised.

It's SPRING here. There are lambs in the fields and fresh leaves on the trees. Its jolly pretty - I've never seen spring before. In England it must be autumn. I've never seen autumn either - do you get lambs in autumn?

I've met Mary's horse, Foggy. He blew down his nose at me and I'm not sure if it was meant to be friendly. He's almost as furry as I am, but his winter coat is coming out - there are white hairs everywhere - even in my bit of the suitcase. 
I hope my coat doesn't come out. I might get cold in the mountains.

Those mountains look jolly high . We flew over some of them on the way down. It looked a bit scary. There is snow on the tops. SNOW! Brrr. Glad I've got my sweater. 

Now we are spending an awful lot of time looking for MY horse. 

anbuck.gif (12374 bytes)

Mary saw one she liked, but it bucked her off. Glad she didn't get me to ride it first. I want to enjoy the view, not to spend my time hanging on by my eyelashes.

That's all for now. Come back and visit me again. We might have some games and puzzles for you to do.  And remember, if you want to ask me anything, CLICK HERE.


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