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I'm not very good at reading and writing myself – are you? Mary , and my special friend Janet are going to help me with the writing for this page. (tell you a secret : I've never done a web page before – have you?) 
But did you see the badge on the front page  - we've won an Award for the site!  It should have been on MY page but I said I'd share it with Mary and Janet.


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Mind you, I've never been out in the rain either!

Mary's horses are going to work jolly hard, aren't they. But they will have lots to eat and drink and they will have lots of rest stops. Not like those horses that The Brooke hospital looks after. They look SO hungry and sad. It's really important that they can see a nice vet-man when they are ill, isn't it!

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This is my friend Mish-Mish who works for the Brooke Hospital's Junior Club.  You can CLICK HERE to visit it but don't forget to come back to Jacko's Page.


This is one of the horses in India being given medicine by one of the vets at the Brooke Hospital.

Because their owners are so poor they can't afford to pay for food and medicine.

As for food: I'm told they have good honey in New Zealand – but I hope we stay away from the bees… they get in my ears. Maybe they would get in the horses ears too. Help! What do you think a horse would do if a bee got in its ear? Would it buck me off? I'm getting frightened…

   Maybe I should get a BIG balloon - just in case - like my friend Fred!


Look at this page regularly – each time I get a chance I'll have something new to tell you. Mary thought you'd like to see a picture of her with her first pony, called Patience. She looks a bit fat doesn't she! (Patience, not Mary) Do you think Mary could take horses as fat as that off on her trek? She'd have to get them fit first or they would find it very difficult


This is the one Mary's practicing walking
 in water with now!

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