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I got very very wet and very very soggy time and again but I didnít give up , I didnít shrink and I didnít dissolve. I gritted my teeth and I hung on tight and I didnít get blown off and I GOT THERE!!
Northland is very beautiful when you can see it but most of the time we couldnít after we left North River Treks, cos it rained a lot. But the forest was all dripping and green and full of hidey holes for bears . I think itís a better place for bears than the beach anyway. 

The tide was really high and the waves were really big and to be honest I was really frightened on the Tuesday morning. I hadnít slept all night cos the wind was so strong and I thought the tent would blow away and take me with it. The tide went down later and the sun came out for a bit so you can see how big the beach is
Thereís a lighthouse at Cape Reinga, So the sailors know where the rocks are in the night. When you look at the sea it is meant to be two different colours cos the water comes from two different directions but it was all grey when we were there. 

The big boys werenít allowed down to the lighthouse Ė I think it might be cos they might leave piles on the footpath Ė so I went for them and had my photo taken with my two friends . And I was very careful not to leave anything behindÖ.

Now Iím busy trying to remember all Iíve seen so I can tell other people about it, and getting ready for that long journey home. Guess Iíll be in the suitcase again. 

Iíve said goodbye to the big boys. That made me a bit sad, especially saying goodbye to Boris. But friends remain friends even when theyíre the other side of the world and when I am old and grey and full of moth I Ďll still remember him, and Foggy, and Ezra who I only rode once and Iíll remember all those lovely places we went to. 

Iím busy remembering now . . ..

That's all for now. Come back and visit me again. We might have some games and puzzles for you to do.  And remember, if you want to ask me anything, CLICK HERE.


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