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Latest Jaunts!  April 24
We stayed at a honey farm!! I tasted lots and it was yummy. Well the bees don't live on that farm, they live in hives out in the paddocks and in the bush miles away. The bees owner pays the farmers who own the paddocks by giving them honey , and the bees help his crops to grow well.
I'm missing the wide open spaces of the high country. Around Auckland there 's lots of market gardening - growing vegetables and things. We stopped in a tomato field, but it wasn't the same. 

But I DID enjoy my special picnic at Totara Park. RDA had made an event specially for me. Can you see me here with all my friends?


Latest jaunts!  April 10
Ooh that sea was lovely.

And the views were lovely .

And the people we met were lovely. I expect they still are lovely, but I can't see them now. Sometimes it's hard to believe people really exist if you can't see them any longer isn't it. Do you believe I exist? I mean, how do you know I'm not a figment of your imagination. How do I know you're not a figment of my imagination. Perhaps I am the only reality. Barely there. 

Oh dear, getting a bit deep for me. Like the Awakino river - glad I was on Foggy that day, otherwise I might have got my feet wet. Mary got her feet wet. And her ankles. And her calves. And her knees... but she didn't shrink and she didn't go soggy..

We came over a pipeline track. That's a clearing in the bush where the big pipes that carry the natural gas go through. Sometimes the pipes are above the ground like here in this photo, but most of the time they are buried.

We saw a stock tunnel. I bet you don't know what a stock tunnel is. It's a tunnel for stock. I mean for cows and bulls, not for share certificates. In the old days they used to move cattle and sheep in big mobs from the farms to the meatworks or the sale yards, by driving them along the roads with men on horses. On the coast they drove them along the beach. But when the beach runs out and the land makes a big rocky point into the sea, the cows couldn't get round. So sometimes they dug tunnels through the cliff, wide enough and high enough for one cow or one man on a horse (so long as he wasn't very tall) to walk through, like a sort of passage from one bay to another. They don't use them any more because the cows travel in big cattle trucks. 

But the tunnels are still there. 'Cept we couldn't ride through the one we saw because it can only be used when the tide is really really low. . But we didn't get a picture 'cos it's just a black hole.

And then we came through some wetlands, where there were lots of ducks and geese and things. I felt quite twitchy.
You can't see the birds in this picture but you can see the wet and the land and ME which is more important.

Now we are having a break. That's nice for the boys but a bit dull for me. I like to go places, not sit in the tack room.

That's all for now. Come back and visit me again. We might have some games and puzzles for you to do.  And remember, if you want to ask me anything, CLICK HERE.


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