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Latest jaunts!  March 11
Just LOOK at this volcano mountain. It’s got two names . Taranaki is the Maori name and the English name is Mount Egmont. I like the name Taranaki – it sounds as though fairies live there and that’s how it looks from a distance too. Isn't it LOVELY. We were right on top of the high hills and could see it on the other side. I was SO excited I nearly fell off. 

Actually I did fall off once – it was very steep and I just couldn’t hold on any longer. You have to sit up straight and stick your legs forward on a steep hill, but I fell flat on my face and toppled off over Foggy’s ears. It didn’t hurt, but I did get a bit muddy…

We’ve been through lots of lovely forest, with big tree ferns and creepers and its really green and lush and lovely and there must be lots of hidey holes for bears….
Then you come out on the mountain top and you look across the valley bottoms. There’s lots of rain here all year round and it never gets really really cold so the grass grows and grows and the cows eat and eat and make lots and lots of milk.

I really liked those children at Matau tho – they gave me flowers too…
And we met some children in New Plymouth too. I took this picture which is why you can’t see me

If you look at the map page you can see where we’ve been. 


That's all for now. Come back and visit me again. We might have some games and puzzles for you to do.  And remember, if you want to ask me anything, CLICK HERE.


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