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The Horses' Page - Latest news - 11th March

Briefing from Boris
These Taranki hills are a bit steep y’know. And some of the bush is a bit thick to push through.

I get quite hot and itchy – and I have a very itchy bottom. Nothing like a good scratch to make you feel better. I do get in trouble if I try to roll with the pack on tho….
When I sleep at lunch time I really relax . My lower lip droops a little I admit…

SOME people call me vulgar. But I have my fans. At Matau school they recognised my inner worth….

The fortunes of Foggarty
While Boris eats, I look at the view. It’s a fine view up here too. He can be SO vulgar when he does all that bottom-scratching – I like a good vigorous neck scratch myself.


And of course I too have many admirers - just look at this picture of me with the Headmaster (no less) at Matau school.

But all in all, I'm glad to have a few days off. The grass in New Plymouth is good, and Mary is still giving me hard feed each day. We both have new shoes behind and so long as I don’t have to carry that pack all too often I can pronounce myself well pleased with the service.

I confess Borrie and I thought Mary was a bit bonkers when we started this adventure.  But we've found out there are more bonkers people around the world doing similar things - and we're on the web site of an organisation especially for them - and others who've done this sort of thing before - the Long Riders' Guild!

The Long Riders' Guild

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The Long Riders' Guild

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