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The Horses' Page - Latest news - 3rd March

Briefing from Boris

Wotcha! We crossed another river – the Rangitekei. I had a quick meal on landing, just to renew my energy store…


I’ve had to keep eating pretty hard just recently – y’see there isn’t any grass on these beaches. 


The water tastes of salt as well. Yuck. Glad 
I’m not a sea horse.

I MADE A NEW FRIEND. Someone who respects me 
at last. His name is Matthew Cropp and he is going to be a great rider, just like his auntie, Lisa. She rides those flashy poncey race horses of course, but Matthew and I understood each other

I am NOT interested in mayors though. I fell 
asleep. Why bother, I ask myself….

The fortunes of Foggarty

To be honest, my nose is just the teeniest bit out of joint – and that’s not just because I fell on it when I was having a little daydream on the road. That hurt my pride as well as my nose and my knees – Mary had the good grace and tact not to take a picture of me in my distress…. 

But lets face it, she hasn’t taken many pictures of me altogether this time. Who is it who does all the RDA plugging round?  Yours truly.  Who is it who carries Mary most of the time? Yours truly. And yet who 
gets his photos taken all the time – even though he falls asleep when the mayor speaks to him? 

I’m going to have a little sulk…


And I'm going to try and stand RIGHT in front of HIM next time the cameras are out!

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