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The Horses' Page - Latest news - 18 February 2002

Briefing from Boris

Wotcha! You’d be amazed how many people comment on how well I look. Well I do my best to keep myself on form. I was dead impressed with big Norm – a real man. Like me, big on middle, short on legs. We understood each other…

It was a lot of fun coming up the river bank beside the Hutt river – and there were NO HILLS! Nothing wrong with hills, but its nice just to cruise now and then. Its also nice when Mary rides me at a party so I can show off a bit – not so easy to show off when I have that pack and Jacko to look after. We crossed the river under a big bridge that had cars going over it – now that was a bit different. We had a good splash – Foggy thinks he makes a bigger one, but I know different.

I WENT FIRST THROUGH THE TUNNEL. It was very black and I have to say it was a bit scary – not the sort of place a horse should hang about. We could just see the light at the other end, but we had to go by feel. Since then we’ve had new shoes – to be honest I didn’t fancy myself in those dancing shoes so much. I’m a hobnailed boot man myself. Then we stopped at St Andrews church near Fielding. Everyone came out to meet us. I read the service sheet while they looked at the camera….

The fortunes of Foggarty

Hey ho! I’m a STAR. I met Sir Howard Morrison and of course he thought I was just the best. Well I am. I went out in front of the stage, with over a thousand people looking at me. I think I need an agent. 


Not that its all bright lights, I do a job as well y’know. When we left Wellington we had lots of company. Trish was on Abby

My best friend in Wellington though is Graham. He rode me one morning, but here he is walking by the river with some of the other RDA riders


In all that wet weather I started to lose a bit of weight, but Mary put my WEATHERBEETA cover back on me at night and is giving me more food, so once again I have a body much admired by all I meet. I like NRM ‘sweetfeed’ – we were getting coolade before, but this is a bit richer, more oats, less chaff. Suits me fine!

I DO NOT LIKE BIG LORRIES FULL OF SHEEP. One nearly knocked me over the other day and I was HORRIFIED. I am brave and I am patient, but there are some things a horse should not be expected to put up with. Don’t you think?


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