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The Horses' Page -  26 January, 2002

Briefing from Boris

Here’s a picture of me with my two favourite people, Rob (he’s the boss) and Caitlin, his daughter. She is sitting up on top of the pack – glad Mary doesn’t try doing that, it would be a bit heavy…

I’m glad I didn’t have Caitlin up when I saw those llamas – I moved a bit quick and she might have fallen off!
The saddle fits me much better now that my good friend Les Wilkins of WILKINS SADDLERY, HAWARDEN, has altered it, and I’m much more comfy.

We came through lots of forest and by one stream I thought I saw a UNICORN.

We did a lot of climbing and we got very wet during these last few weeks – and people tend to forget that my legs are shorter than most so I get a bit wetter in the rivers. There were some jolly big rocks in the Waiau and I got stuck on one of them, but with a heave and a ho I managed to splash my way out before getting swept on towards the rapids.


One thing I DO like is eating blue borage. It’s very sweet and very delicious. Jacko gets cross with me 'cos the bees like it and he thinks there won't be enough honey –but there is an awful lot of it about…


I didn’t like being on the boat much though – I thought we would get bar service…

As for the races – I still cannot believe that those horses get paid all that money for carrying such a little weight such a short distance. We have done MUCH more! It was very exciting certainly – I really tried to show off in the paddock and make everybody notice what a real horse should look like. I even had a bath for the occasion. I DON’T USUALLY DO CLEAN!!!
Here we are in the stalls at the racecourse. I’m playing with the cross ties 'cos it makes a good sort of clanking noise – made me sound really WILD!

I'm enjoying another wee holiday just now anyway – though I wish they would leave us in the good eating paddock ALL day….

Foggy’s themes
I made a nice little friend at Island Gully, called Holly. Here I am with her on top.

It was a cold wet night and we didn’t have a lot to eat, but I wore my nice WEATHERBEETA cover to keep me dry. Boris couldn’t have his on 'cos it leaked.

When we got to Renwick we stopped at the dairy for an icecream . I’m quite partial to icecream – particularly chocolate or boysenberry.

Lots of people admired me in the street.
Now I’ve got some special new shoes on my feet . Boris has them too. They are sort of see through plastic stuff and they make us walk very silently. You can find out about them on . I hope that they will make my feet more comfortable on the stony ground. My feet have split a bit so I hope the shoes don’t pull off.
The high spot of my whole trip has been going to the racecourse though – reckon I looked just as smart as that lot and I really wanted to join in .


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