Four beats to freedom - a horseback journey through New Zealand

The Horses' Page -  4 January, 2002


Wotcha! I'm at home! I've got here! I'm back at HURUNUI HORSE TREKS  where I belong. I've seen some of my old friends, good blokes all of them, and they are busy taking people out on holiday treks. They take lots of care to make sure their riders have a good time. 
We've also seen some family - you know that foggy and I have the same Dad, Bawidgee Errif? Well we met up with Sarah Heddell and her pony is our cousin. 

That slope up from Mount White was jolly steep, and I had to find my own way through the woods at one stage - flattened a few old trees in the process.... I work on the principle that if I CHARGE at a narrow gap, it will get wider. Crossing the Waimakariri was cool . I took a good long look at it afterwards, whilst I had a restorative munch....

I've seen my friend the farrier, had my shoes replaced all round so that feels good. We haven't been on the road much so I didn't need new ones - just had what they call a 'remove'. My back is really mended and Les Wilkins, the saddler, has altered the pack saddle, so I hope it won't rub me any more.

I still find it difficult to believe Foggy when he tells me we haven't finished yet, but just in case he's right I'd better get on with my eating to build my strength up....

I have to say, I did THOROUGHLY enjoy my day's mustering with Tony Tripp. I think he rather enjoyed me as well.... He bellowed at those dogs of his, and the sheep came off the hill - almost as good as hunting. I wish I had a picture, but it got wiped off Mary's camera.
We've had a few scary moments - those kayaks on the Waimakariri certainly put the wind up me for a start. They're so silent- I thought they were trying to creep up on me to eat me. Then on Boxing Day morning we saw the sunrise and there was something really scary on the otherside of the valley...

I got pretty fed up with that long climb up to 1600m, and put my bolshy face on. I can do that you know. In the process, Boris got his leadrope stuck under my tail and it rubbed so that my dock was quite sore. I had to carry the pack the next day, and the crupper could have really hurt so Mary put a bandage on my tail to protect the wound from getting rubbed more - quite thoughtful of her. You can see it in this picture .

Mary's been spraying my feet with some stuff that makes them harder, so the stones haven't hurt quite so much. She's also giving me biotin in my feed so the horn grows more strongly. Well, she says that's what will happen. I hope so - my front feet break up a bit easily.

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