Four beats to freedom - a horseback journey through New Zealand

- 8 December 2001

Foggy's story

I really appreciated that day in the float - very thoughtful of her. It has to be faced, I've a sensitive sole... I forgot about it on Stag Saddle mind - and that was stony, high and just terrific. 

Poor old Boris got a bit sore on the first day, just behind his shoulder, so I took the pack over for him. Hard though - you really have to think where you're putting your feet, and its even harder when you're carrying the pack. You have to brake all the way down and it gets pretty achy. . Coming through the Rangitata was pretty cool too - I'm quite a strong swimmer, but the current knocked me sideways when we attempted a trial cross earlier in the week. Those big round river pebbles really get my feet though.

Maybe I should be an RDA horse and stay on the cinder surface. I've done it twice now - once with Rick and once with Maryanne.  I take the responsibilities very seriously. I also carried the Mayor of Ashburton in a sort of race, - he was given Boris to tow in lieu of having any disability - but I think I'd soon get bored. I like being an explorer!

Foggy and Maryanne at Christchurch RDA 

Always looking for the big break socially, I've discovered how to drink wine from a wine glass - I can curl my tongue up and suck through it. I like beer too, but I'm not so keen on coffee unless it has a lot of sugar in it.

Briefing from Boris 

Wotcha!  Let me remind you that I haven't missed a day. 
We had some company for a few days, from Snoopy and Ben. Here they all are have a lie in - I got up earlier for a little early breakfast

I was pretty chuffed when I carried Laurie Prouting across the Rangitata. Together, we showed Mary and Foggy the way. I had been worried that I might need a snorkel for the river , but in fact I was almost able to keep my feet on the bottom. 

We couldn't take pictures in the river - it was a bit deep - but here we are just after we came out. 

A few days before that when we came over stag saddle, I was seduced by the snow. Lay down and tried to roll in it - felt so cool and tempting on my stomach. They all got a bit cross which seemed a bit unreasonable to me....

I've got a pink patch behind my shoulder. Well, they tell me its pink - I can't see it of course . It's where the pack saddle presses on my back coming down hill. At present I wear an extra old saddle blanket, with holes cut out over the pressure points . This releases the pressure and seems to be working really well but Rob is coming over next week so perhaps he and Mary can work out a way to make it easier for me on a more permanent basis. 

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