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20 November

from Boris
Wotcha! Having a couple of days off while Foggy's feet get better.  Good eating time! I've been shut in the cattle yards since I was making such good use of the opportunity .... actually I had a wee cut on my leg as well, from some sharp stone in one of those rivers, but it's cleared up.   Don't let little things like that bother me ... I carried the pack through the Tasman - kept it nice and dry ... a piece of cake.  (who mentioned cake?)

from Foggy

Ooh, aah, me feet hurt a bit. I got a bit over enthusisatic going through all those river channels - i doo like to motor on into them, and think I came down on a few stones a bit hard. Maddening, not that keen on hanging about. but the views are wonderful here, and I am happy to keep Boris company eating!  It was pretty windy yesterday certainly - glad we had our nice Wetherbeeta covers to keep us warm and dry...


14th November
From Foggie

Foggy’s story
Ha! Nearly had her! A little nimble footwork and I was off, for a little exploring of my own. That’s what expeditions are all about isn’t it? And I AM an explorer! Serves her right for trying to get me to carry the pack the day before – I did my bolshy turn again….

I love these mountains though – just want to get to the top and look at the view . Spectacular! Not so keen on coming back down them, particularly now my feet notice all the stony bits.

I insisted this picture went in so you could see I wasn't being a wimp about that door!

Briefing from Boris 

Wotcha! Food by and large plentiful, though I take every opportunity to snatch a little extra on the way. You never know what lean times may be round the corner. There are advantages to carrying the pack which Foggy doesn’t have the technique to exploit – if I get upsides and then slowdown enough to snatch a bite on the move, I can jog to catch up before she growls at me.
I don’t think I've ever had tender feet before though and I’m not very happy about it – pride myself on my tough constitution. 

9th November

From Foggy
I was glad to be on the road again. Now I could do with new shoes!  I have a slightly sore back from where Mary's mackintosh is rolled up on my back behind the saddle, so I hope she fixes it soon. We had a nice sleep in the sun at lunchtime yesterday, and played in some good streams.

From Boris
Wotcha!  Foggy is being a bit bossy at present, but I keep eating. I have worn the toes of my front shoes too, so I hope Mary finds a farrier soon. I don't trust her myself!  We had a nice eat in the sun at lunchtime yesterday and ate grass in some nice streams. Silly Foggy just wanted to splash!

 6th November

Foggy’s story

I’m on the way to Cape Reinga! I wasn’t that keen for a couple of days – seemed a silly way to spend my time, but now I just want to get there quickly. I can't forgive Mary for tying me to that barn door though – it came down on top of me and only some very nimble footwork on my part brought me out in one piece. Even when it was down, it chased me. I am just a little fearful of anything door shaped lying on the ground now.
We’ve had some great views – I love it on top of the hills where you can see for miles n miles. It pleases my artistic spirit. Still keeping Borrie in line of course – I share the packing with him, but only under duress.
Fireworks night was something else – I read about Afghanistan in the papers and from the top of that hill where we were in a tiny sheep yard, I tell you, I thought my day had come….


Briefing from Boris 

Wotcha! Food by and large plentiful, though I take every opportunity to snatch a little extra on the way. You never know what lean times may be round the corner. I particularly like the juicy grass that grows in the ponds….

Some good mucky places to roll in – one sheep paddock was particularly good – I came out GREEN! I still wonder when we will be turning for home though – by my calculations, a ten day trip is over already, and I think we should be back in Harwarden…. Tried to get there myself the other day, but lost a bit of confidence when the others didn’t follow…. Gave old Jacko the ride of his life…

Saw my first fireworks – thought I might jump out – I was pretty worried. 

Enjoyed a few days off in Alexandra – we get tethered out for morning and evening eating time. I've got my eye on that green grass on the golf course next door, but Foggy says its only for looking at….


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