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 21st October

Foggy’s story
I wasn’t too sure about getting on that big truck at 6 in the morning – felt a bit suspicious to me, but I have to say that the grass in Southland is A1 category! My stomach hasn’t quite adjusted…. 

We did a tour of RDA duty on Thursday – had a bath and some of the riders came and helped . They were very kind and very enthusiastic, though it did seem to take an awful long time to complete the process. 
It was a long way from Bluff to Invercargill I tell you! And a long straight road at that. I did feel quite important leading all those people, though a polar bear with a handful of balloons in a garden was too much for me – well how was I meant to know it was plastic – nearly jumped under a truck in self defence

But Sunday was my day. I carried Bertie the Budgie and did I feel proud with all that green fluff on my back! I stormed down the street, challenged every policeman and charmed the children : all the trucks blared their horns admiringly and I felt GREAT!

… …

Briefing from Borris 
Wotcha! It’s a big world, in’nit! That truck we came down in was mighty big – the three mares travelling with us were a bit cool about it, but I was impressed – just couldn’t find the button to call the meal service. We’ve been staying at RDA in Invercargill – y’know what, they have a big arena an’ it’s got sort of tan stuff on the floor with NO GRASS , and a big roof overhead – wasn’t quite sure about it to be honest, had to smell it all a bit carefully, but its nice to roll in. 

As for rolling – y’ should’ve seen me after Mary washed my mane. I got down in that paddock and I SCRUBBED my neck in the grass – none of that poncey stuff thank you very much. 
Its good to have a friend in'nit, when you’re in a new place – getting quite fond of Foggy, even though he’s pretty horrid to me sometimes. He’s not so good at letting himself go as I am, but he is pretty brave in the city . All those lines on the ground – white lines, yellow lines, dotted lines, and KERBSTONES. Haven't got the hang of those yet. And WINDOWS! I kept looking round and seeing someone like me trotting beside me – had to whinny in recognition. Not to mention the SEA yesterday morning – I wanted to go an d look when we stood under that signpost thing, but I just left a pile of manure instead.
LOTS of people – little ones in hard hats , and big ones leading the other horses.
Then today we trotted through the town with all these HUGE lorries. I didn’t know where to look , so focussed firmly on not stepping on the lines – di'nt want to irritate the bears…

Mary's having trouble with the little black case she carries and she says if she doesn't get it sorted, it will be a while before we can send more news ...

This is a picture of my full brother, Stoney the stallion, also owned by Rob and Mandy.   I look a bit like him – just whiter and rounder (and you may say, better looking! - I couldn't!)


Happy eating –


15 October 

Foggarty here. 
I just feel SO well! The hills were a bit steep and my heart rate went up a bit but I didn’t expire and it was BRILLIANT! The tussock was tasty and I love looking at the view across the plains when I’m at the top. 
It's good to have the chance to get to know Boris. To tell the truth, I think he’s a bit self opinionated – he does like to brag about his exploits pig hunting with Rob – and I got pretty miffed when Mary put that pack saddle on me. Not that it worries me – but she expects ME to travel at the BACK and I find that a bit infra-dig. So I argue about it and do my best to get ahead… and in the paddock I am definitely the BOSS whatever he says!

I had a good bit of private enterprise one night, when I was the only one with the presence of mind to realise that the sacks of feed were sitting on the verandah.  I didn’t share the knowledge, just crept up and helped myself – very tasty it was too. Well, a chap has to keep his strength up…. More soon - love Foggy!


Foggarty here. Another week of this fittening lark. We went up to a friends farm on Tuesday and had a lovely canter up the hills – I puffed and blew a bit I admit… There was an electric fence clicking by one gateway and I found that very frightening – I hate things that crack. Always worry I might get bitten.

 We had another play in the Waimakariri as well – I did a lot of splashing just to please the photographer. Here’s a picture of Mary and me by the river.

Still looking for the saddle…. I seemed to have had so many changes this week. The one we have now is very comfy for me – even if the girth isn’t done up tight it stays in the right place, whereas most of them move back, but Mary says it’s not so good for her. Well she can get off and walk. I can’t take my saddle off now can I?!

Weighed again this morning - 544kg again. They say that this means that my workload is balanced by what I’m eating. Calories in = calories out and all that stuff. I think it’s a bit tough really – could eat all day…. Yesterday we stopped to talk with a friend whilst exercising and I chomped my way through an apple and a banana from her fruit bowl….

Onwards and upwards


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