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I’m glad I'm not a pony club horse any longer. Those kids at the ribbon day sat on their horses watching all the time, even when they weren’t competing. I don’t think that’s very kind – it would certainly make my back ache and I reckon I’m pretty fit!

I actually look rather well, thanks to my NRM feed, but I like to get a little extra in at lunch time…

I like splashing in the sea – and there was lots of sea to splash in. I splashed so much Mary’s phone stopped working…
And when we came through the river mouth at Waipu I just stormed ahead. You can see how deep it was from the marks on my side…

I lost a shoe in the clay near Waipu but a very nice farrier called Franz came and fitted me with new ones, so I'm in good form and looking forward to getting to the top. We should be there in 3 weeks time…



I had itchy scabby legs for a while and had to suffer the indignity of a major leg wash. It does feel better now… I have a very woolly coat and it goes a bit curly. Sometimes she puts a cover on me at night to keep me clean, but I manage to get a bit of mud underneath it anyway. I think covers are a bit wussy in this Northland weather… Foggy wears one all the time. But I really enjoyed myself at Matakana where I had two delightful handmaidens, all of my own….

It was a bit of a come down having to carry the pack through that deep wet mud in the forest the next day I admit…

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