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The Horses' Page - Latest news - 24 April

Wotcha!  Cities don't have many horrors for me now, and the grass on the industrial estates was very sweet and needed mowing. I was too busy to have my picture taken so this is of my friend Foggarty

I  wasn't so impressed by the grass in the park though - went off to seek something better

Thoroughly enjoyed my day in Riverhead forest with a new friend Angela. She weighed a lot less than Mary and we had a great time. I'm getting a bit woolly now though - all set for the South Island winters - and I get a bit hot and sticky...

 I feel SO WELL! Have put on lots of weight and I showed the pony club at Totara park how a pack horse can squeal and buck when life feels good. I showed off all through the city and posed outside the warehouse.

Of course I was the one who was chosen to go into Rosehill school and I was very approving of the basket of apples and carrots they gave me as a thank you. That sort of thought makes a difference to a horse you know. 

 I admit I wasn't too sure about crossing that bridge at Mangere, with the traffic whizzing up above us, but I had company from a nice horse that lives at the Waikato Institute of Technology in Coatesville, and he was very brave , so we managed it together. Boris is always brave when he's behind me.

The Long Riders' Guild

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