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Briefing from Boris

Wotcha! I never saw myself as a pink sequin man, but I did have fun with the Top Twins at the Easter show. I did piaffe and even tried a spot of levade - they tell me Im a natural for Vienna. On enquiry I don't think Id like that job much, but maybe I could audition for the circus.... I like the idea of the sparkles and the spotlights... wonder whether I could be fitted up with a pair of tight glitzy tights... it quite went to my head and I legged it looking for my agent...


'S Not all glamour though. I got a sore back again coming over that steep track where the pipeline goes. It was SO steep I came down very gingerly, but the pack just caught me behind the shoulder on the near side. Which meant Mary's ridden me a lot more since, to give it time to heal - we've had some fun. Here we are on Nukuharkari, just before it rained.

And Before that, the Awakino river was a bit deep actually - was looking for my snorkel.

AND of course sometimes I have a different sort of job to do, taking care of our hosts... here I am with my friends at Tongarporutu - I can behave myself when I want to...

Since then - well to be honest I'm a bit fed up. That self-opinionated friend of mine is being fed up and I'm not. Tried a sneaky foraging trip into the feed house on my own behalf, but was intercepted. Not that I go hungry, but a chap can always find space for some extra tasty morsel, and my ancestors lived through the potato famine. You never know where you next meal may come from - have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.
I thought I'd be clever and get a loaf of bread out of the pack before Mary had it for breakfast one morning, but Foggy stole it from me. It was MY idea and HE ate it!!

The fortunes of Foggarty  
Misfortunes, more like. I fell in the mud at Tongarporutu, got biffed by a lady with a handbag at Awakino - I was trying to be friendly -  and just to help my friend out, I got landed with carrying that darn pack on one of the longest days we've had. I wouldn't have minded except we came beside the river at the end and the sand was really soft . That is HARD WORK at the end of a long day, and twice as hard with 60 Kg of dead weight on your back. 

Then I had to struggle with the pack again on the slipperiest forest path you have ever seen - I just ploughed on and did my best to get out of that god-forsaken hole as soon as I could. Then I got bitten by clouds of midges and came up all itchy. And All the time I was losing weight because we didn't seem to have enough eating time...

We got to Auckland and off we go to the Easter Show. Well, I said to myself, I know about shows, this is my chance show Boris a thing or two. And what happens? They produce a FERRIS WHEEL . I wasn't going to hang about just waiting for it to fall down on top of me I tell you . I thought my time had come. And meanwhile, what does that vulgar little prat Boris do? Prance about with a lady in pink sequins and a yellow handbag on his back.. I ask you. Some of us have taste. Some of us don't. I leave you to decide on which category Boris belongs.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not really a grumpy person, I just seem to have drawn a few short straws. Things have looked up since though - here in Auckland I'm getting Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Double rations at each! Coolade, barley, chaffage and my friend Jenette has introduced me to copra - a coconut derivative apparently. I don't really care where it comes from - it's just DELICIOUS.  I so look forward to my meals I buck around the paddock. Had my teeth done again, had my mane tidied and had new shoes in Hamilton. I'm about to take delivery of a smart new cover given to me by FISKENS at Pukekohe, so I will lend Borrie my wetherbeeta one which is better than his. I'm quite ready for the road again - been pointing my toes and stretching my neck on the lunge and reminding everybody that I used to do dressage properly - none of this silly circus stuff. 

The Long Riders' Guild

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