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Updated 17 July 2003..  

The Challenge of a Lifetime

It was quite an epic journey. It has been done before, but I know of only two folk who have gone 'solo’ and both of them needed a change of horses. We left the Bluff on 20th October 2001. We arrived at Cape Reinga with the horses fit and well on 29 May 2002. 

In those seven months we
  • travelled 2832km on the map: allowing for vertical difference this is about 3360  km.
  • spent 122 days travelling, 25 rest days en route and about 4 weeks off.
  • spent 23 days promoting RDA.
  • were held up by weather conditions. or uncrossable rivers on 8 days
  • used 56 horse shoes, only one lost.
  • incurred no significant lameness or injury.
  • visited 17 RDA groups, involving over 150 children and adults with disabilities.
  • visited 33 schools.
  • raised iro $13,000 for the New Zealand Riding for the Disabled Association.
  • raised iro £14000 in the UK for the Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy and for the Brooke Hospital.
We met many wonderful people, became intimately acquainted with a very narrow line of spectacular New Zealand Landscape and got to know each other far better than horses, bears and people normally do.  A round-up HERE.


Youngsters - follow the bear to Jacko's Page


 Special thanks to IHUG , our ISP in New Zealand. Their sponsorship enabled Mary to dial up wherever she was, without charge, and their helpful, upbeat, friendly 'Helpline team' bailed her out on many occasions!!


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